Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment – Serving Orange, CA

Twin Town provides drug and alcohol addiction treatment.
Twenty-nine years providing intensive outpatient substance disorder treatment has allowed for our evolution toward better care and better practices.

Proudly serving the city of Orange, CA.

Things we do well:

Accessible care removes financial and insurance barriers. So that clients aren’t confronted with financial roadblocks and hurdles, Twin Town has been in-network, insurance contracted since 1993. Government contracts allow us to provide care to any caller with eligible needs. Phones and emails are answered in real time by real people.

Evidence, science-based strategies provide reliable and enhanced treatment outcomes. Twin Town continues to train staff and implement research identified approaches which are most effective.

Respect, compassion and humility engage people burdened with shame and hopelessness. Substance use disorders (addiction) are brain diseases and effected people encounter repeated trauma. “Trauma informed” treatment guards against triggers and reforms responses.

Normalizing substance use allows people to accept where they find themselves. Only from acceptance can people take the next indicated step. Twin Town staff get it. Many have been there and have successfully moved into long-term recovery.


Please identify substance use disorders and connect those afflicted with resources:

SAMHSA National Helpline – Confidential free help to find substance use treatment. 800-662-4357
Twin Town Treatment Centers – No-cost screening, assessment and referral. 866-594-8844 contactus@twintowntreatmentcenters.com

Sober Holiday Recovery Supports in Orange and Anaheim

Building a sober support network of friends will sustain your recovery over time. Following are some sober holiday resources in Orange and Anaheim. Participate in the following and strengthen your sobriety:




  • Crisis Services: 1-800-Suicide (1-800-784-2433) 800-273-Talk (8255) & 1-888-628-9454
  • Orange County Crisis Line: (800) 273-8255


  • AL ANON = Al-Anon, Alanon Los Angeles Office 818.760.7122
  • CA = Cocaine Anonymous Los Angeles Office 888.714.8341 CA (800) 347-8998
  • CEA HOW = Compulsive Eaters Anonymous Los Angeles Office 323.549.5331
  • CMA = Crystal Meth Anonymous Los Angeles Office 877.262.6691
  • CODA = Codependents Anonymous Los Angeles Office 323.969.4995
  • DA= Debtors Anonymous So. California Office 310.822.7250
  • MA = Marijuana Anonymous S. Los Angeles Office 310.943.9228
  • NA = Narcotics Anonymous Los Angeles Office 323.933.5395 NA (310) 372-9666
  • OA = Overeaters Anonymous Los Angeles Office 323.653.7652
  • SCA = Sexual Compulsives Anonymous Los Angeles Office 323.570.2659
  • SLAA = Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous Los Angeles Office 323.957.4881
  • UA = Underearners Anonymous Los Angeles Office info@underearnersanonymous.org

Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Recovery in Orange, Anaheim, Central Orange County

142 of 100K traffic accidents occur due to drug or alcohol misuse.