Cigna Insurance Plan for Twin Town Treatment Center Patients

It can be difficult enough to work up the courage to enter a drug or alcohol rehab program. If you can’t afford treatment due to insufficient healthcare, it can be an even greater step backward in your journey to recovery. If you struggle with paying high costs for your substance abuse treatment plan, Cigna can help make treatment more accessible and affordable.

Why Cigna Insurance Plan

Cigna is one of the nation’s largest providers of health services, including drug and alcohol rehab insurance. With operations in 30 countries, Cigna provides health insurance coverage to organizations, employers, and individuals across the globe. As such, they have one of the widest selections of coverage on the market. Depending on your Cigna plan, you can receive substance abuse services, mental health services, behavioral health services and more.

Twin Town Treatment Centers is proud to accept Cigna as one of our leading in-network health insurers. We’ll work alongside Cigna to ensure you receive the highest standard of care at the lowest price possible. To learn more about eligible addiction treatment options and what you can expect to pay for them, contact your Cigna representative or locate a Twin Town Treatment Center near you.

Cigna and Addiction Rehab Coverage

Whether you’re entering rehab voluntarily or under a court order, getting treatment is a courageous and daunting process. Financial strain can only make this more difficult, which is why Twin Town Treatment Centers works with insurance partners like Cigna to provide affordable, accessible addiction treatment solutions.

Cigna offers addiction rehab coverage to policyholders who undergo an evaluation and receive a treatment recommendation. Depending on your coverage, you could be eligible for group therapy, individual therapy, medical care, partial hospitalization and more. Your policy may even cover inpatient treatments for both short-term and long-term stays. The financial burden of addiction treatment is one you don’t have to bear alone; if you have Cigna health insurance, contact your representative to find out which services are covered and how to get started with Twin Town Treatment Centers today.

Cigna and Mental Health Coverage

Substance addiction is frequently accompanied by a mental disorder, also known as dual diagnosis. If you’re struggling with substance abuse, getting treatment for the mental illness that could be the root cause is imperative to a full and long-term recovery.

Cigna provides mental health treatment under many of its coverage plans. The covered therapies and treatments could include individual counseling, group therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), family counseling, medication management and more. Before beginning your treatment, however, be sure to verify any restrictions or limitations on mental health coverage that your plan may have. At Twin Town Treatment Centers, we can work with you to ensure you’re receiving the best quality care possible while keeping costs low with insurance-approved treatments. 

Cigna and Behavioral Health Coverage

Although closely intertwined with mental health, behavioral health refers to unhealthy habits or behaviors that aren’t the result of a diagnosed mental illness or disorder. Examples include eating disorders, self-injury and addictions not rooted in diagnosed mental illness. Both mental and behavioral health are broad terms that are interrelated with other aspects of health, including physical health, and working to get all three of these components in harmony is the best chance of achieving long-term recovery and a healthy lifestyle.

If you think you could benefit from behavioral health treatment such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), contact your Cigna representative to determine which treatments your plan covers. Cigna offers comprehensive behavioral health coverage, but eligible services and out-of-pocket costs vary from plan to plan. If you have behavioral health coverage and believe behavioral health treatment could benefit your addiction recovery, contact Twin Town Treatment Centers to undergo an initial assessment and start on the road to recovery right away.

What Should I Expect From Drug Addiction Rehab Under My Cigna Plan?

By accepting most major insurers, we have simplified the process toward sobriety. Even so, we recommend checking with us beforehand to determine what your plan will pay for during your stay with us. Additionally, calling Cigna’s insurance helpline will give you the complete picture of your plan’s benefits on addiction rehab, mental health and behavioral health services. 

If you or someone you know is ready to discuss treatment, Twin Town Treatment Centers is here to help. With over 30 years of experience, our success is based on proven methods, and our practices demonstrate the strictest ethics and utmost integrity. We design individual treatment plans which are easily accessible and affordable while remaining highly effective. We offer no-cost entry assessments and will coordinate care with alternative sources, including detoxification centers, medical services, psychiatric treatment facilities, mental health counselors and more. If you are interested in learning more about our drug and alcohol addiction treatment and other services, call us today at 866-594-8844 or fill out our contact form