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Build On Motivation for Recovery

Coupled with personal motivation, recovery from substance use disorders (SUD) requires engagement in accessible and supportive activity. Over twenty-nine years, Twin Town Treatment Centers has removed financial and practical obstacles which could otherwise diminish anyone’s desire to make a change:

• Receives calls and schedules appointments with personal sensitivity;
• Contracts with HMOs, PPOs, EPOs and Medi-Cal as a preferred in-network provider;
• When it is required, co-pay or self-pay planning is flexible, inexpensive and poses no payment of interest;
• Provides adult and adolescent SUD intensive outpatient services at multiple locations in Los Angeles and Orange Counties;
• Tailor services to each individual through hybrid in-person and remote platforms;
• Engaging staff meet clients where they are at.

SAMHSA Catalysts for Change-
Pre-contemplation to Contemplation to Preparation:

  • Gains new awareness and understanding of substance use behavior;
  • Emotional reaction to current substance use behavior or the need to change;
  • Evaluates pros and cons of current substance use behavior and its effects on others and the community;
  • Explores the current substance use behavior and the possibility of change in relation to own values;
  • Recognizes and increases available positive social supports.

Please call (866) 594-8844– Twin Town can help you find the right resources.