Family Program

Have You Been Affected By Addiction in the Family?

Since families’ problems are exemplified in acceptance of blame, attitudinal shifts, emotional dysregulation, and poor communication, the problems readily surface in formats which enhance the likelihood of uncovering these problems. Often hidden and covert, Twin Town Treatment Centers utilize, as its preferred milieu the Family Groups.  Here the relationship dynamics are involuntarily re-enacted.

Family Group is an integrated entity within the Primary Care Phase but stands-alone in its unique contribution to family wellness.  Individual family sessions are important and are scheduled based on family need. The Family Program provides education through didactic material, films, lectures, groups discussions and readings. Through group process, family members gain awareness of their contribution to family wellness as well as problems. Families learn the importance of identification of their symptoms and why community mutual-help groups are important.

The Family Program provides a setting for each individual to learn how he or she has been affected by their loved one’s addiction and how they have contributed to the problem. Opportunities and instruction are given to family members on ways to change self-defeating behaviors. The Family Program provides a supportive environment to begin the healing process, learn about the recovering community and how to negotiate with their addicted loved one effectively.

Family Program


Family Group meets weekly for 8 weeks for an average of 1.5 hours in duration. Focus is on acceptance of the family member’s participation in family problems, methods for producing the desired changes and integration of formal family program within community based programs.