Hello and thank you for your interest in Twin Town Treatment Centers!

 Below is a description of our substance use disorder (addiction) outpatient/ intensive outpatient, and partial hospitalization treatment services.

Twin Town Treatment Centers offers adult substance use disorder (SUD) treatment at six (6) LA and Orange County locations: Sherman Oaks, West Hollywood, Torrance, Los Alamitos, Orange, and Laguna Hills. All but Sherman Oaks and West Hollywood provide SUD services also to adolescents in separate groups.

Twin Town has removed financial roadblocks to accessing treatment by contracting as an in-network provider for insurance including Medi-Cal and excluding Kaiser and MediCare.

Programs and services offered at Twin Town sites follow:

Outpatient (ODF) and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP/ IOT): Serving adults and adolescents in separate tracks, the programs emphasize cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, relapse prevention, health and disease-model education, problem-solving skill development, stress management, and communication skills. Care-coordination and individual counseling is provided on a weekly basis. Most clients are enrolled in three hours of treatment programming per day, up to six days per week during the Phase 1 of treatment. As client-identified goals are achieved, sessions decrease in duration and intensity up to the point of transfer to lower levels of care. Continuing care is provided at no cost to people who complete goals from their initial phase of treatment.

Partial Hospitalization: Programs serve adults and adolescents in separate tracks. Each client is enrolled in up to eight hours or more hours of treatment programming per day, up to six days per week. Recommended as a cost-effective alternative to inpatient care for highly acute and seriously disabling conditions. Care coordination and counseling is provided on a weekly basis. Patients who stabilize in the day treatment program continue treatment in the intensive outpatient level of care.

Continuing Care: Clients who successfully complete their goals during Intensive Outpatient Treatment (Phase I) are enrolled twice weekly down to weekly for four subsequent months of professionally conducted continuing care sessions. Only the “Phase I” treatment episode of care is billed; four months of Continuing Care are provided without additional charge for clients completing their initial treatment goals. Patients who have successfully completed other programs may qualify for enrolling in continuing care per authorized clinical and financial agreement.

Relapse Track: To help reengage and set a path to renewed recovery, ten sessions of IOP are provided to individuals who complete Twin Town’s program and later relapse.

ADE (Alcohol and Drug Education) Program: ADE comprises urinalysis testing, SAP/ EAP/ DOT/ DOD correspondence and coordination, and fifteen (15) contact hours of education. The cost for this service is one thousand dollars ($1000.00).

Coordination with Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) or Ambulatory Detoxification: As part of the initial assessment, Twin Town evaluates the need for MAT or ambulatory detoxification. If appropriate, the patient is treated by Twin Town’s affiliated physician addiction specialists or other community providers for MAT or detoxification, while participating in the intensive outpatient treatment.

Twin Town coordinates care with community physicians, therapists and other providers so as to provide continuity of care and to maintain a therapeutic support network.

Twin Town Treatment Centers is a preferred provider for most health insurance and managed care plans (with the exception of Kaiser Permanente): Twin Town can set up self-payment arrangements and liberal payment plans for self-paid accounts. The cost for a five-month program averages forty-eight hundred dollars ($4800.00). Twin Town bills for the first phase of treatment and provides four months of professionally run continuing care to those completing initial goals at no additional cost.

I look forward to being able to speak with you directly about your needs, our program and how we can better work together to continue to support our clients moving forward.


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