Twin Town Treatment Centers

Outpatient Treatment History

Twin Town Treatment Center of St. Paul, Minnesota, a freestanding inpatient chemical dependency hospital, established Twin Town Corp. d.b.a. Twin Town Treatment Centers. The Twin Town outpatient treatment programs were originally established in the late 1980’s as the exclusive provider of chemical dependency services for employees of McDonnell Douglas Corporation in Long Beach, California. A year after being established, Preferred Health took over the management of the McDonnell Douglas medical benefits and Twin Town expanded its contract venue to multiple third-party payors and new referral sources.

Twin Town Treatment Centers was one of the first providers to anticipate and seize the behavioral managed healthcare market opportunity by establishing outpatient treatment for chemical dependency in Southern California, the core of the managed care movement.

Today, Twin Town operates six freestanding treatment centers in Los Angeles and Orange County. The outpatient treatment centers are certified by the State of California and JCAHO accredited. Twin Town has a portfolio of over fifty third-party payor agreements and its payor mix is eighty-five percent HMO/ managed care. Through Twin Town’s Intensive Outpatient Treatment Services, clients are being successfully treated and most major insurance carriers and health maintenance organizations are paying the bill.