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Los Angeles and Orange County: Helping Others Recover from Addiction

Since the beginning of the pandemic, thirteen percent (13%) American adults began or increased substance use to cope with corresponding distress (Centers for Disease Control). Overdoses increased by seventeen percent (17%) since stay-at-home was ordered (Overdose Detection Mapping Allocation Program). Hard liquor sales spiked seventy five percent (75%). Fewer Los Angeles and Orange County residents […]

Outpatient Addiction Treatment vs Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

When people think of drug rehab, many people imagine live-in facilities that offer expensive round-the-clock care that forces you away from your daily responsibilities. However, there are several other addiction treatment options that will offer you comprehensive care in an outpatient format. If you’re a resident of Mission Viejo or anywhere else in Orange County […]

Benefits of Outpatient Addiction Treatment

The struggles of addiction can be challenging, but sometimes it may seem even more challenging to seek treatment. The sudden lifestyle change, being away from friends and family, and having to give up your job in order to enter a live-in rehabilitation facility are all significant factors that deter many from seeking help. Outpatient treatment […]

Getting Recovery: Los Angeles in a State of Flux

Have you noticed the impact of stay-at-home orders, work/ financial insecurity, threats of exposure, and emotionally charged political/ cultural strife as you walk through the neighborhood or talk with family? Walking my dogs, I notice neighbors who seem to be using alcohol and other recreational drugs to cope and make it through another day. Los […]

Breath – Life’s Source and Threat

This moment has its own value apart from its purpose, potential or destiny… Our immediate experience speaks of the value of breath, of justice, of community, of security, of sanity. In the face of threat- a virus, violence against and oppression of our brothers, addiction and chemically induced coping- elements of life become more vibrant. […]

Learning from a Virus at a Distance

Perhaps it is about personal choice versus socially responsible behavior. It’s about social distancing and connection. It’s about self-preservation and compassion for others. It’s about being whole alone, with others and with the planet. It’s about feeling wholly alone, empty and disoriented. These opposites are brought to us by coronavirus, novel as they may be. […]

The Known, The Unknown, Addiction and Alcoholism, Los Angeles, and Hand Sanitizer

Los Angeles, Orange County, and California residents face frightening unknowns brought by a new epidemic. The current number of COVID 19 cases remains relatively small though revelations brought by testing and an escalating transmission rate will likely dwarf today’s figures. We are distracted and wholly consumed by a new pandemic.  Mitigating the spread of the […]