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5 Positive Impacts That Happen When You Stop Drinking

Excessive alcohol use can be a destructive force that can negatively impact an individual in numerous ways. If you’re a person contemplating whether or not to stop drinking, you should consider stopping and getting the help you need. Stopping your alcohol consumption can bring about several noticeable benefits.  You’ll Get Healthier Long-term excessive alcohol use […]

Understanding Relapse Dreams in Recovery

For those recovering from addiction, dreaming about relapsing is a common occurrence. While it may seem like a warning sign of possible relapse in the future, research done on the matter actually indicates that this may not be true. Here’s what you need to know about having relapse dreams when you are in recovery.  What […]

How to Overcome the Pink Cloud Experience

Those who have ever gone through the pink cloud experience know how difficult it can be. What makes it a particularly troublesome experience is because it occurs during an encouraging period after one has entered sobriety. While it is difficult, you can overcome this experience with the right help and resources.  Pink Cloud Experience Many […]

Disordered Use of Substances for a Pandemic

Addiction and recovery are aggravated by coronavirus. • Finding and maintaining recovery is possible for the motivated and willing. • Quarantine and the avoidance of social gatherings has moved addiction treatment and mutual support to remote, digital venues. • The more effective in-person strategies to develop interpersonal identification and recovery engagement have been suspended. • […]

Addiction and Substance Use Recovery During COVID-19

For those suffering from alcohol or substance abuse, this is an especially challenging and vulnerable time. Various stressful factors like COVID-19 and isolation from others have caused issues like substance use or alcohol addiction to worsen amongst some. This is particularly alarming because persistent use of alcohol or drugs can pose serious health risks due […]

4 Healthy Habits to Strengthen Your Emotional Well-Being for the New Year

Whether setting up goals to lose weight, increasing savings, or creating meaningful connections, New Year’s resolutions usually revolve around creating direct goals to accomplish. Though they don’t last long on most people, there is one goal that anyone can succeed in no matter the ambition: emotional well-being.  Emotional well-being is important for people trying to […]