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The Known, The Unknown, Addiction and Alcoholism, Los Angeles, and Hand Sanitizer

Los Angeles, Orange County, and California residents face frightening unknowns brought by a new epidemic. The current number of COVID 19 cases remains relatively small though revelations brought by testing and an escalating transmission rate will likely dwarf today’s figures. We are distracted and wholly consumed by a new pandemic.  Mitigating the spread of the […]

Sober Holiday Events in Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys, Encino

Participating in sober holiday events in Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys and Encino can build recovery skills and a sober support network. Old habits and relationships from addiction need to be replace with healthy activities and relationships. They sustain recovery over time. Your recovery be enhanced, you’ll build new friendships and you’ll have fun all at […]

Sober Holiday Events in Orange and Anaheim

Having fun with others in recovery strengthens your sobriety and provides you new tools and resources.  The more destructive practices from addiction can be replaced by participating in clean and sober events with supportive others. Building a sober support network of friends helps sustain your recovery over time. The following are some sober holiday events […]

Sober Holiday Events in Mission Viejo and Laguna Hills

The holiday season can be a challenge to people early in their recovery. Participating in sober activities with supportive friends and relatives is an essential part of lasting recovery. Learning to have fun with others in recovery replaces some of the harmful practices learned during addiction.  The following are some sober holiday events and resources […]

Addiction- Stuck on “Get More”

Our time celebrates affluence, personality, noise, and hyperbole. “Living out loud”, we seek not only to feel more pleasure and relief, but we are also stuck in the pursuit of it. We are chasing more than we are being. Silence, stillness, subtlety are attributes which we disdain and avoid. Humility is dead to us. Simple […]