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4 Healthy Habits to Strengthen Your Emotional Well-Being for the New Year

Whether setting up goals to lose weight, increasing savings, or creating meaningful connections, New Year’s resolutions usually revolve around creating direct goals to accomplish. Though they don’t last long on most people, there is one goal that anyone can succeed in no matter the ambition: emotional well-being.  Emotional well-being is important for people trying to […]

Sober Holiday Recovery Supports in Orange and Anaheim

Building a sober support network of friends will sustain your recovery over time. Following are some sober holiday resources in Orange and Anaheim. Participate in the following and strengthen your sobriety:

Orange County AA CENTRAL OFFICE, Santa Ana, CA 92705-5466, 714-556-4555 (24 Hours), email: Manager@oc-aa.org, Office Hours: Weekdays: 9am – 7pm, Saturdays & Holidays: 9am – 1pm

Signs You Are Ready to Overcome Substance Abuse

Coming to terms with one’s addictive struggles and acknowledging the need for change can be a difficult process. Some struggle to make this acknowledgment and are unable to change their behavior. But there are other individuals who have these moments of realization and seek to forge a different path. If you suspect that you are […]

Addiction Recovery: 7 Things to Know

The beginning of the road to recovering from addiction can be a hopeful yet anxious time. Even the most prepared will still encounter things during addiction recovery that they are not quite ready for. If you’re just starting your addiction recovery, here are seven things to keep in mind during your journey.  No One Path […]