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3 Tips for Going Back to Work after Drug Addiction Treatment

Leaving a rehab facility after completing an addiction treatment program is undoubtedly exciting for those recovering from substance abuse disorder. It signals that substantial progress has been made in the addiction recovery process and is an achievement that should be celebrated and recognized because of its significance.  Reintegrating into society can be frightening and overwhelming […]

3 Important Facts About the Alcohol Detox Process

Detoxification is part of every alcohol addiction treatment experience. Detox is widely regarded as one of the more difficult stages of recovery because of the severity of withdrawal symptoms.  Successfully progressing past the detox stage will require professional addiction treatment, realistic expectations, and the right mindset. Knowing what to expect with alcohol detoxification can help […]

How to Find a Rehab Treatment Center That Will Help You Thrive

Recovering from addiction isn’t easy and will be a long, arduous journey for those suffering from the disease. While support from close friends and loved ones is always needed, professional help is required to help overcome the many challenges that arise from substance addiction. This type of help can be found at facilities like rehab […]

4 Ways to Stay Positive During Your Addiction Treatment

The addiction recovery process is undoubtedly challenging for all involved. While there are certainly encouraging moments during addiction treatment, like when a milestone is reached or a goal is achieved, there are also times when things can feel hopeless. Ultimately, it’s crucial to stay positive and to have an optimistic mindset regardless of what may […]

Is There a Significant Difference Between Detox and Drug Rehab?

Substance abuse is a severe disease that requires extensive attention and immediate treatment. For some, getting help can be overwhelming because of how confusing the process is for those who aren’t fully aware of the various treatment options available and all of the terminology used.    The words “detox” and “rehab” are common terms that […]

4 Reasons People Are Afraid of Going to Addiction Treatment

The best course of action for those suffering from alcohol or drug addiction is to attend addiction treatment. Addiction treatment can help a person take back control of their life and begin their journey toward recovery. Despite the benefits of drug addiction treatment, many who suffer from substance use disorder are reluctant to get the […]

Why High-Earning Professionals Benefit From Drug Addiction Treatment

Substance abuse is a prevalent issue amongst professionals with demanding occupations. The stress of these jobs can force some to turn to drugs or alcohol to help deal with work-related issues.  This often results in addiction and leads to various problems with your career and health. Any working professional currently suffering from drug addiction should […]