TWIN TOWN TREATMENT CENTER IS YOUR BRIDGE TO RECOVERY 71% patients report continuous sobriety at 9 Month Follow-up TREATMENT OUTCOMES: - 45% Report Improvement in Employment
- 66% Report Involvement in Mutual Sobriety Support (12-Step et. al)
- 95% Recommend Twin Town
Sobriety at 9-12 month Follow-up after discharge
Twin Town coordinates SUD treatment with community-based medical, mental health, and other providers of treatment and support through appropriate client-patient centered consent and case-management. Twin Town doesn't fragment existing therapeutic alliances by trying to provide everything to the client-patient. We cross-refer and coordinate care. Teens (adolescents) can present with serious substance use disorders (addictions), which require more than individual counseling. kids who run away, fail at school, use more drugs and alcohol than what they intended, and/or encounter repeated consequences due to their substance use, shoud be assessed for an appropriate level of care. - Twin Town can assess and provide recommendations for families with out cost.
- Twin Town provides daily intensive outpatient sessions for moderately impaired teens.
- Twin Town coordinates our work with doctors, therapist , parole officers and counselors as authorized by the teen and their parents.





Getting Started

Admission to Twin Town Treatment Centers incorporates assessment at several different levels including biological screens, psychological and social functional assessments, and substance abuse history.

To schedule an appointment for a no-cost assessment, please call us at 866.594.8844. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week or send us a message.

Addiction Treatment Program

Twin Town Treatment Centers is an in-network, contracted provider for all major insurance and managed care companies (excluding Kaiser) and we have been certified and contracted to treat MediCal SUD patients in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. 

Certified by the State of California Department of Health Care Services for SUD and MediCal services, and accredited by The Joint Commission for over twenty-five years, Twin Town has earned the reputation of providing high-quality substance use disorder outpatient treatment for the broadest population. Eliminating roadblocks to treatment and engaging people in active and practical recovery are Twin Town’s primary goals.

Twin Town offers outpatient treatment at six (6) LA and Orange County locations:
Sherman Oaks, West Hollywood, Torrance, Los Alamitos, Orange, and Mission Viejo

Programs and Services

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): Adults and adolescents are provided treatment separately in different programs.  Individual counseling and case-management, group education and counseling, and personal contracting and self-evaluation exercises are provided during three-hour sessions. Most people start six days per week in the first month and slowly decrease the frequency of sessions thereafter. Morning or evening sessions are available for adults.  Sessions further decrease in duration and intensity during four months of continuing care, which is provided at no cost to graduates of the initial intensive phase.

Day Treatment: Programs for adults and adolescents are separate. Individual counseling and case-management, group education and counseling, and personal contracting and self-evaluation exercises are provided during six to ten-hour daily session. Patients who stabilize in the day treatment program continue treatment in the Intensive Outpatient level of care.

Relapse Track: Ten sessions of IOP are provided to individuals who complete Twin Town’s program and later relapse. 

Ambulatory Detoxification and MAT is available by referral to community physicians and clinics who coordinate care with Twin Town.

Twin Town coordinates care with professionals and support people authorized by each client. The goal is to integrate and coordinate care, and to enhance patient engagement with existing therapeutic supports.

Recovery Does Not Occur in a Vacuum

Counseling and case-management services are meaningfully coordinated between the client and their medical, home, school and/or work related supports.

In Twin Town’s outpatient settings, the client, while living in their natural living environment can immediately practice concepts and techniques taught during the course of treatment. The strategies and benefits of such treatment can be translated immediately into the client’s life.

How to Get Help for Alcohol and Drug Problems

Frequently Asked Questions

It is best to avoid mistakes and problems down the road when deciding upon a course of action to find substance abuse treatment. Treatment should be there to resolve problems causing and caused by alcohol and drug misuse, not to care for the treatment provider’s needs. 

Unfortunately, there exist many unnecessarily expensive and burdensome programs and services which are primarily designed to create a profit for the provider. Some services confuse luxury accommodations, prestigious locations and charismatic personalities with quality, effective treatment. There are also unproven and ineffective services being sold as solutions for drug and alcohol problems. Finally, some solutions cause further problems (such as untenable debt) after treatment has been rendered.

Healthcare professionals and counselors you have learned to trust are some of the best resource people who can recommend treatment providers. People you may know who themselves or who have a loved one find their way through drug and alcohol abuse and addiction are also great resources. Since they have been there, they can help guide your search and support you through the process during and after treatment.

Ask the treatment provider if they are “accredited”? Accreditation agencies such as The Joint Commission conduct audits and reviews to determine that treatment services meet the standards of quality care. Ask the provider what evidence indicates that they are providing effective services. Go online to to find a government licensed or certified program near you.

Since the internet does not provide and objective review of quality and effectiveness, be careful using the internet. Providers who make large profits from their charges can afford advertisement and publicize their treatment services, even when their services may be very distant, inaccessible, demanding or expensive. If you do use the internet, always ask where the treatment program is located, whether it is accredited and contracted with your insurance company, and how much time away from home it requires.

Most people use their health insurance coverage to pay for much of their treatment. Your insurance policy can act as your guide selecting an ethical and economical treatment provider since insurance plans are highly regulated and oversee the financial affairs of treatment.

Many treatment providers who are not contracted with your insurance will state that they “take” your insurance plan. What they may leave out is that they are not contracted and will therefore receive a much lower percentage of the charges, leaving much of the cost for your to cover. Ask your insurance plan or the provider if the treatment program is “in-network” or “contracted” with your insurance company.

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