Our Mission

Chemical Dependency Counseling and Treatment, Mission Vision & Philosophy

Mission: To introduce new solutions for people who find that chemically induced coping no longer works.

Vision: Chemical Dependency and Abuse (alcohol and/or drug) represent a complex, multifaceted disease which affects the entire person, their family, the workplace and society as a whole. Twin Town Treatment Centers and its staff are committed to arresting the down-ward spiral created by the progression of the disease of chemical dependency, and providing a bridge on which the client, their family and associates, may begin the process of personal healing, development and renewal.

Such recovery does not occur in a vacuum. Counseling and case-management services are meaningfully coordinated between the client and their medical, home, school and/or work related supports. In Twin Town’s outpatient settings, the client, while living in their natural living environment can immediately practice concepts and techniques taught during the course of treatment. The strategies and benefits of such treatment can be translated immediately into the client’s life.

The resolution of a chemical dependency problem is a process of initiating a program of recovery through guided practice in making planned changes in behavior. The outcome sought for patients is a comfortable drug-free lifestyle. The philosophy, concepts and practices of Twelve-Step programs and cognitive-behavioral counseling and treatment are implemented.

Values in which Twin Town the organization and its counseling staff possess and practice between themselves and with their clients, include:

  • Honesty
  • Openness
  • Commitment
  • Caring
  • Charisma
  • Competence
  • Unity
  • Service
  • Recovery
  • Sobriety