Optum Insurance Plan for Twin Town Treatment Center Patients

Obtaining addiction treatment that is both affordable and effective can be difficult. In fact, it’s one of the biggest deterrents for people seeking treatment. Luckily, Optum offers quality drug addiction treatment coverage that can help you get started on the path to sobriety without facing financial hardship along the way.

Why Optum Insurance Plan?

Optum helps individuals with substance use disorders access evidence-based care to achieve sustainable recovery and long-term success. With coverage available in 15 states and four countries, Optum’s care network is expansive, and they’re able to connect millions of Americans with the drug and alcohol addiction treatment they need.

Twin Town Treatment Centers is proud to accept Optum insurance, but coverage is often primarily determined by where you live and your specific plan. Before beginning treatment, always verify coverage and determine what treatments are covered under your Optum insurance. If you’re having trouble, the Twin Town team can help you determine which treatment options are available to you.

Optum and Addiction Rehab Coverage

Entering addiction rehab and finding an affordable and effective addiction treatment plan is never easy, but with the help of Twin Town Treatment Centers, it’s a smoother process for Optum policyholders. By utilizing an in-network rehabilitation facility, you can enjoy a seamless admissions process while receiving high-quality treatment that is more likely to be covered by your insurance policy.

Many Optum insurance plans cover most — if not all — of the cost of drug rehab. With a team of care advocates and peer support specialists, Optum and Twin Town Treatment Centers can enable you to succeed through evidence-based addiction treatment options such as medication, inpatient programs, intensive outpatient programs, behavioral counseling, family education and counseling, day treatment, and more. If you’re not sure which treatment options are available with your unique insurance plan, contact your Optum representative or give us a call at 866-594-8844.

Optum and Mental Health Coverage

Many people who receive addiction treatment also have a co-occurring mental health condition that should be treated simultaneously. If left untreated, your mental health conditions could make your recovery more difficult or prevent it altogether.

Luckily, Optum offers coverage for mental health care and related services in most circumstances. As an essential benefit protected by the Affordable Care Act, basic mental health services must be provided by all insurers, but which treatment options are available to you will vary from plan to plan. If you’ve been diagnosed with a mental condition or think you may have one that is leading to your addictive behavior, contact your Optum representative and request a mental health assessment. This is the first step in receiving covered mental health care alongside your drug and alcohol recovery treatment.

Optum and Behavioral Health Coverage

From stress and anxiety to eating disorders and self-harm, unhealthy behaviors can ruin your quality of life and exacerbate your addiction. When seeking drug and alcohol addiction treatment, addressing behavioral health is essential for preventing readmission and relapse and ensuring long-term success. 

Optum Behavioral Health is a division of Optum that focuses on providing a range of mental health and substance use disorder services. With a dedicated division, Optum is a clear leader in behavioral health and well-being, and Optum plans typically cover behavioral health treatment. As always, your available treatments and their associated costs will depend on both your chosen plan and your geographic region. If you want to learn more about what treatment options are available to you and what you can expect to pay for them, contact your Optum representative or speak to a member of the Twin Town Treatment Centers team today.

What Should I Expect From Drug Addiction Rehab Under My Optum Plan?

If you’re in the throes of addiction, your health insurance coverage is the last thing you need to worry about managing. By accepting most major insurers, Twin Town Treatment Centers has simplified the process of drug and alcohol rehabilitation and made the path to sobriety more accessible and attainable. If you’re unsure where to start, contact our team and we can help you determine what your Optum plan will pay for during your stay with us.

We know that just as addiction occurs in thousands of different forms, treatment needs to be considered with the same personalized approach. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to substance abuse recovery, which is why we design individual treatment programs that are covered by your unique Optum insurance plan. If you’re ready to get started on the path to a healthy, happy, substance-free life, call us today at 866-594-8844 or fill out our contact form and ask about our Optum-approved treatment options.