Anthem Blue Cross Insurance Plan for Twin Town Treatment Center Patients

Finding specialized care for drug addiction recovery can sometimes be confusing. With Anthem Blue Cross, there are many different plans available that may cover your behavioral or mental health treatment during your stay at a rehab facility. Call your nearby Twin Town Treatment Center to find out more.

Why Anthem Blue Cross Insurance Plan

Anthem Blue Cross is one of California’s largest providers of comprehensive health insurance. From individual to employer-sponsored plans, benefits may differ. Twin Town Treatment Centers strives to provide exceptional drug rehab, mental health and behavioral health services regardless of your Anthem Blue Cross plan.

Twin Town Treatment Centers is proud to accept Anthem Blue Cross as one of our leading in-network health insurers. Since our inception, we’ve ensured our addiction treatment services are affordable as part of our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) services. With our trusted team of mental health providers, we can get you the help you need without any red tape, making all the difference.

Anthem Blue Cross and Addiction Rehab Coverage

Addiction rehab is a timely process that involves a lot of moving parts. When working within your plan’s parameters, you might have questions on whether or not it covers addiction rehab programs, which might involve spending nights in a rehab facility while working toward sobriety. Luckily, all six Twin Town Treatment Centers are connected around one central idea: working closely with major healthcare providers to sponsor our drug recovery programs.

Many Anthem Blue Cross insurance plans cover a significant portion of addiction rehab minus deductibles and copays for policyholders. Most ACA plans on the Marketplace are required by law to cover essential health services, though sometimes coverage varies. Regardless, Anthem Blue Cross is an in-network health insurer, so you are more likely to get the best rate for your addiction recovery journey than an out-of-network provider.

Anthem Blue Cross and Mental Health Coverage

Mental health services comprise a large umbrella of services from psychotherapy to medication management. Twin Town Treatment Centers’ mental health staff are often versed in many modalities to best address the symptoms of drug addiction. This includes case management and group therapy.

What the individual may owe is discussed before starting any addiction treatment plan. When our patients carry Anthem Blue Cross, there is a better chance that their benefits will cover most of the mental health treatment services administered. One thing to remember is that some insurance plans may have restrictions or limitations on mental health coverage, such as limits on the number of therapy sessions or types of treatment covered. It is important to be informed about your insurance coverage and to advocate for yourself to ensure you receive the mental health services you need and deserve.

Anthem Blue Cross and Behavioral Health Coverage

Behavioral health is closely intertwined with mental health while having distinct characteristics of its own. Behavioral health is often informed by the past, especially when it comes to someone dealing with drug addiction. There is a concerted effort to help patients heal or develop a new perspective when it comes to negative thoughts using processes like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

On paper, insurers bill and qualify the services in separate categories. Like mental health coverage, behavioral health coverage varies from plan to plan. Under the law, insurance companies must allow fair coverage for baseline mental health and behavioral health services in ACA and employer-sponsored insurance plans. Most drug addiction rehab centers will still discern which insurance they accept – we are happy to proudly accept Anthem Blue Cross as an option!

What Should I Expect From Drug Addiction Rehab Under My Anthem Blue Cross Plan?

By accepting most major insurers, we have simplified the process toward sobriety. Even so, we recommend checking with us beforehand to determine what your plan will pay for during your stay with us. Additionally, calling Anthem Blue Cross’s insurance helpline will give you the complete picture of your plan’s benefits on addiction rehab, mental health and behavioral health services.

Twin Town Treatment Centers are trusted drug rehab centers with 30 years of experience backing our programs. By being completely transparent with our patients, we can better relate and establish meaningful connections without resorting to manipulative tactics. If you are interested in drug rehab with us or have any questions before committing, call us today at 866-594-8844 or fill out our contact form.