Dear Lorrie,

I wanted to take the time and acknowledge your way of teaching newcomers, like myself, in the therapeutic environment called Twin Town Treatment Centers. It was one thing to complete a rehab as an inpatient participant: many groups, supportive staff, and a safe environment. I used to feel like a burned out bulb that shined too brightly. Trying to desperately turn the electrical switch from off to on, over and over again. Then I finally realized that I was living in the darkness and couldn’t do anything about it by myself.

So with a 90 day program under my belt, I placed both my hands on the rear wheels of my wheelchair and rolled into your office – a place of healing, forgiveness and togetherness. I have been to six inpatient, county funded rehabs in Orange County, and almost always got high the day after graduating each rehab. But with you in my corner and God on OUR side, I will have 6 months on February 9, 2022.

Thank you.


I don’t go to this Twin Town, but I do go to the one in Sherman Oaks…..

Thank god I found them when I did. Even if it was because I got in trouble with the courts and elected to go, it was the best thing I did for my life up to this point.

12 steps never helped me, and smart recovery and that other one kind of look bad honestly…but if it works it works for you.

Either way these people do it different…

Long story short(longer story on twin town sherman oaks) I’m clean and sober now for almost 6 months :) Without twin town I would not be where I am today….that’s 6 months sober because I decided so! Twin town helped for always being there for me no matter what! It wasn’t easy the first year over there, and I didn’t take it as serious as I could because the addiction part was so strong I never took it as serious as I could.

Now 6 months in and things are looking better than they have ever in my life….and I still have many many many years to improve on that.

One thing I do like, is once you finish the program, you are free to come back as much as you want, because they don’t believe in pushing people away after they are done….because this is a lifelong journey, and without you guys I have no idea how bad things would have gotten….

Thank you, and I suggest anyone reading this to give them a shot…

Nick N.Sherman Oaks, CA

I spent five months at Twin Town in 2001 -2002. Rowdy Yates ran the program at that time. He and his staff were terrific from day one. I came out of 3 days of detox and met Rowdy the following day. I never looked at myself and my drinking problem in such depth as through this program. 25 years of a pint of gin and a six pack every night. I had retired one month before beginning Twin Town. No reason not to drink during the day, so I did. Got to the point of suicide and my wife got me into the program. Rowdy’s sternness was unwelcome at first, but by God and Rowdy, my passion for drink faded slowly away. After 6 weeks the cravings were gone. And now I’ve just ordered my 20 year chip. Thanks to Jesus Christ, Rowdy and Twin Town. I hope it’s there forever.


On October 23rd, I reached 2 years of sobriety. As I look back I keep wondering what was I doing with my life? I’m glad I went to Twin Town and received treatment. I guess sometimes it takes professionals to open up our brains to come to the realization that yes indeed we do have a problem. The various buzz words and expressions still go through me many times. As I recall on my initial meeting with you, the term “progressive “ was brought up. I’m so glad I attended because I am DEFINITELY a much happier person. Although I still deal with shame and guilt, by telling others about my journey, helps not only that particular person but myself as well. I would love to stop by someday and speak to others that are suffering and convey there is a path to recovery. As in any form of therapy, I truly believe that the individual wants help and is serious about healing. Again thank you and Scott and anyone else that helped me in my journey. Best wishes ❤️


Hi Azita, it’s R. C. I attended Twin Town last year. I’m emailing to let you know that it’s now almost 16 months that I’m COMPLETELY clean and sober. I wanted to thank you specifically because you were my first contact and I remember you clearly explaining about addiction and the term “progressive .” It was the best decision I ever made in my life because the tools that were provided enabled me to see through the darkness and essentially recapture my life. I feel it’s imperative that I now help others with my struggles and help them learn to live life on life’s terms. There’s so many phrases I remember “coping skills “ “old behaviors “ , “triggers “ etc. I have helped others but I know that no one gets clean unless they really want to. I will visit you and Scott soon and spread the wonders of Twin Town. Thank you so much and God Bless!


“Twin Town staff are phenomenal. Regardless of who comes in, they treat patients with dignity and respect. They are welcoming. Every person in the meetings are also the best to be around and open-up to with anything positive or negative happening in life – they support you/me.


Kayti is a Godsend, I am so lucky to have been in her group! Same for Twin Town!


On 1/4/2021 I graduated twin town very structured program but worth it I really recommend this rehabilitation center for the people or person struggling with addiction they really help you because they want to help you not just for the money like most places. Savannah, Manjit, Jian and all the staff are awesome thanks guys for saving my life and admitting me when I was broken and down I’m so happy with my recovery and health and also for helping me get the fundamental tools for sobriety now I know recovery and sobriety is a life time commitment thanks TWIN TOWN god bless all the staff

Rafael G

I love my group and Trisha P. She is awesome and we have great groups. I believe its because of her interaction with us. I would love if my time with her was longer but I know if I need to, she’s there. Anyway I’m glad I came to treatment here. I love it.


The counselors are all really wonderful. Fernando in particular seems highly knowledgeable, skilled and kind.


I am officially now an alumni of Twin Town. I am so grateful for the experience and help that this facility has given me. Kayt and the rest of the staff are all awesome, professional and make everything much more personal.

Shirleez M

I have really achieved my goals for treatment with the help from Angela, Heather & Mike. Initially Amanda had told me that we could create and maintain the same level of treatment & goals as if I were doing inpatient. I agree!


Good morning David! I’m (D. S.) a former adolescent patient and now a member of narcotics anonymous. I don’t know if you remember me or not. Just wanted to say thanks for all the help you’ve given me it really is still impacting me today. I’ve turned 18 in December and finally got to see my mom and sister again after 2 years of traveling to Africa. I’m still here in Cameroon studying in form 5 in the arts section and I’ll be writing a big public exam this month to get my GCE certificate. This is the first time in my entire life that I’m actually succeeding in my education. I’m proud of taking 10th place out of over 100 students in my class form academically. The relationship with my dad however is still not the best however ( not that I expected that to change, lol) but overall things are going super well although my country is at the edge of a war due to a crisis happening but we give everything to God. I’ve got 2 more years before going back to Cali and I have so many plans for my future finally and I’m excited about living my life. I also want to help many others that are going through what I’ve gone through. Anyways, just really missing you guys there and I hope all is well. God bless you!!!


Lauren was my main counselor. I was in night group with her and Jian. I honestly had very little desire to follow through with this before I came. But the support I received from both of them made me stay. I just felt so good, I felt heard, seen and supported. Jian did my intake, I asked him at one point “So I probably can’t drink ever again?”, and he said “I like to take it one day at a time.” That will stick with me forever. It made me feel like I could handle this. At the end, he told me I was a strong woman. Hearing those words touched my heart. Sometimes you just need to be seen.

My counselor Lauren has changed my life. She works with me on a level I can handle. She is open, gentle but real, and doesn’t let me get by with any BS. She supplied me everything I asked for, for my recovery and the material she gave me about child trauma changed my life. Mark got me in the door, Jian got me to stay and feel seen, and Lauren gave me the tools to experience the gift of sobriety and I’m not sure I have ever been happier.


The organization and execution of services at Twin Town West Hollywood seem to indicate a commitment to caring and effectual treatment for your clients and this is manifest so many of the details of the program. From the thorough intake process, the coordination of services like therapy, sponsors, meetings, etc., the note taking through out our daily group sessions, the care to meet together as counselor’s to review and strategize regarding your clients, to the detailed individualized follow up that you and your team carefully administer – this focussed orchestration of sincere care builds up for your individual clients until through this process they can be led to break throughs, clarity, peace, serenity and sobriety. While this is the goal of any treatment program – I feel there is something special happening in Weho and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the apparent dedication to your clients’ well being that you and your team displays on a daily basis.

When I came there the first time last September you did my intake and were there for me throughout even as I spent most of my groups with Kaitlyn. I met Cindy quickly then and as I returned I have spent almost the entire session this time around with you and Cindy. While there were other counselors there that I interacted with in groups and observed working there – It was really you, Kaitlyn and Cindy that personify to me the sincere heartfelt treatment I felt there. Again – you and your team’s consistent hard work and focus were so apparent, so well placed and so appreciated!

So today when we experience the Harvest Moons Lunar Eclipse – it’s said this may well be a momentous time to resolve long standing issues, put them behind us and move forward — free and unencumbered. Coincidentally – I’m finished up with Phase 1 at Twin Town and moving into Phase 2 and that means i’ve completed the assigned resentment letter, goodbye to my addiction, and forgiveness letter. Pretty amazing to me that this would all fall together with this lunar eclipse!

I’m attaching here my Phase 1 assignment because I think you who know me realize how far I’ve come. And I can’t possibly convey you how thankful I am for your guidance and care and I know I was lost until you helped me find my way. Thank you!

J Hobbins

Thank you again for your very ethical stance in the treatment community.  I have said before, and will say again, how much I appreciate what you are saying– and what you are doing by offering Twin Town as a reasonable alternative for the mass  of addicts and families of ordinary means. Certainly, some wealthier clients and families may avail themselves of higher cost facilities. That’s their choice. However, even they may realize that what is really necessary for a start in recovery is simply a secure, clean setting staffed by caring, experienced professionals  who are dedicated to recovery work and able to refer effectively for medical and psychological services when  necessary. If the setting is developed and implemented by  directors who want to create services that are truly up to  date and, yes, appropriately profitable, then the package is  complete!

Michael Topp, LMFT

I want to express my gratitude of the support I received at Twin Town. You ministered the way to stay sober. You spoke about the disease of addiction in a way a person like me could receive. You gave me a place where I could be safe in unleashing my fears. You told me my feelings are valid and that I am somebody. You gave me tough love but also extended me a caring hand to hold onto. I’m grateful for all the tears, the laughs, the acceptance, the urinalysis’ and the meeting cards. You’re helping God to save lives. Thank you Twin Town for all that you have given me. You help to mend my broken wings. My life is forever changed.

With kindest regards,

Victoria W.

To whom ever it may concern:
I thought that it was important to emphasize the impact that one of your counselors has made on our families lives. My son was an inpatient at Chapman Medical with an early release due to medical coverage. We then made the choice to come to your facility for our outpatient program. Kenny is my son’s counselor. He has not only helped my son with his drug addiction, but he has helped him become an overall better person. The program that is here has also helped myself to learn how I can be a better person and parent. Your program is great but without the facilitators to express the care that the families and children need, the message would go no where. I wanted to make sure that you knew how greatly Kenny is admired, respected and appreciated by my family and by many others. Thank you for hiring him. He has truly been a blessing in my life and my son’s.
Sincerely yours,

Heather T.Mother of Cody T.

April I got into UCLA this week as a Sociology/Pre-Law major! my parents wanted me to tell you how grateful they are for you. I wouldn’t be having the time of my life in Europe OR into one of the top schools in the country without you!!! so thank you for being amazing! I love you!!

Becca D.

Thank you for not giving up on me and putting me where I know from experience I would receive no help, PRISON!


It was great to see you last night at my mom’s graduation! I wanted to write and send you a quick thank you for all the work you did with my mom and our family. I am so proud of her and her recovery and she is really a different, better mom. I remember the day of her intervention when I felt so scared and unsure about what this phase of recovery was going to look like. It was truly life or death in my eyes. I must say that I look back and could not be more positive about where my mom is today and what the future holds for her (even with the initial bumps in the road). I believe we owe a lot of the success to Twin Town and the counselors that make up the program. I have a huge place in my heart for you ladies and the work that you do.
Thank you so much!