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Why High-Earning Professionals Benefit From Drug Addiction Treatment

Substance abuse is a prevalent issue amongst professionals with demanding occupations. The stress of these jobs can force some to turn to drugs or alcohol to help deal with work-related issues.  This often results in addiction and leads to various problems with your career and health. Any working professional currently suffering from drug addiction should […]

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment – Serving Orange, CA

Twin Town provides drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Twenty-nine years providing intensive outpatient substance disorder treatment has allowed for our evolution toward better care and better practices. Proudly serving the city of Orange, CA. Things we do well: Accessible care removes financial and insurance barriers. So that clients aren’t confronted with financial roadblocks and hurdles, […]

How to Avoid Peer Pressure after Addiction Treatment

Returning from addiction treatment can be a difficult process with its own set of challenges. The work done to achieve sobriety and a healthy life is far from over, despite the substantial progress made.  Those exiting rehab and reintegrating themselves into society will face various temptations that threaten all that has been achieved. This temptation […]

What is “Stepping Up” and “Stepping Down” in Addiction Treatment?

Those suffering from substance use disorder and exploring addiction treatment options have likely encountered terms like “stepping up” and “stepping down.” But what exactly do these terms mean, and what is their relevance to the treatment process?  There isn’t a universal approach to addiction treatment; there are many options varying in methods used and intensity. […]

How to Prepare for Life After Addiction Treatment

For those about to return home from addiction treatment, it’s perfectly fine to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about what’s ahead. You don’t have to have it all figured out immediately. For both you and your loved ones, the best approach is to be patient with one another and focus on the present. Life after addiction […]

How Do Drugs Affect the Brain?

There’s a general acknowledgement that constant drug use will impact the user’s brain, but not many people understand the exact effect that it can have on a person. No matter how the drug is consumed, it can negatively alter the brain causing short and long-term effects that can be permanent. As the brain plays a […]

Recognizing the Signs of Substance Abuse at Work

Working with someone you suspect may be suffering from substance abuse issues can be a stressful experience. Any relationship with a co-worker with addiction can negatively affect the workplace environment and spur emotional distress for everyone involved, which is why it’s necessary to recognize the signs of substance abuse while you’re at work. Once you […]

Laguna Hills – Sober Holiday Events

Have Sober Fun Through Holiday Resources and Events 2021 marked an all-time high for drug overdose deaths. For those with drug or alcohol problems, the holiday season is dangerous, including people in recovery. Substance use (drugs, alcohol) usually accompany social events and even family occasions. Holiday celebrations are too often associated with heavy drinking and […]