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The 5 Most Common Topics in Group Addiction Treatment Therapy

Alcohol or substance addiction treatment centers often feature group therapy as part of their addiction treatment. As group therapy usually entails sharing deeply personal anecdotes and experiences of substance abuse with strangers, many initially go into it nervously and reluctantly. Expressing vulnerabilities is undoubtedly a challenge, and these are perfectly normal feelings.  Group therapy, however, […]

4 Signs of an Effective Rehab Treatment Center

Recovering from a disease as severe as alcohol or drug addiction requires qualified treatment from a professional rehab center. The right addiction treatment center can help facilitate significant healing and development and meaningful recovery. However, as everyone’s needs are unique and their circumstances differ, research will have to be done on every available treatment option […]

Build On Motivation for Recovery

Coupled with personal motivation, recovery from substance use disorders (SUD) requires engagement in accessible and supportive activity. Over twenty-nine years, Twin Town Treatment Centers has removed financial and practical obstacles which could otherwise diminish anyone’s desire to make a change: • Receives calls and schedules appointments with personal sensitivity; • Contracts with HMOs, PPOs, EPOs […]

4 Ways to Stay Sober and Maintain Recovery During the Summer

The arrival of the summer season likely means you will spend more time outside and at social events. This can be a pivotal time for patients exiting addiction treatment, as attending social events can help a person reintegrate into society and everyday life.  However, while social gatherings can benefit addiction recovery, they also pose a […]

3 Tips for Going Back to Work after Drug Addiction Treatment

Leaving a rehab facility after completing an addiction treatment program is undoubtedly exciting for those recovering from substance abuse disorder. It signals that substantial progress has been made in the addiction recovery process and is an achievement that should be celebrated and recognized because of its significance.  Reintegrating into society can be frightening and overwhelming […]

3 Important Facts About the Alcohol Detox Process

Detoxification is part of every alcohol addiction treatment experience. Detox is widely regarded as one of the more difficult stages of recovery because of the severity of withdrawal symptoms.  Successfully progressing past the detox stage will require professional addiction treatment, realistic expectations, and the right mindset. Knowing what to expect with alcohol detoxification can help […]

How to Find a Rehab Treatment Center That Will Help You Thrive

Recovering from addiction isn’t easy and will be a long, arduous journey for those suffering from the disease. While support from close friends and loved ones is always needed, professional help is required to help overcome the many challenges that arise from substance addiction. This type of help can be found at facilities like rehab […]