Recovery = Release from Attachment

You are owned by your attachments and controlled by your needs.

For what are you attached… approval, financial gain, prestige, power, possession, security, relief from discomfort, gratification, pleasure? Perhaps the means to maintaining these attachments create conflict or distress between you and others. Solutions which return you to your attachments could be illegal or unethical. Your route to connecting to your perceived needs could be harmful or even fatal.

Addiction is a harmful and potentially fatal solution for maintaining constant gratification, relief from discomfort and/or pleasure. Your connection to these perceived needs is what maintains the course of your addiction.

I can’t imagine life without constant gratification, relief from discomfort or pleasure. Without them, life wouldn’t be worth living.

 The ideas surrounding what you need, what you own and how you maintain these connections are often exaggerated or all-or-nothing. Treatment for addiction evaluates these thought patterns as well as the behaviors practiced maintaining connection and addiction.

Recovery is the process detaching from things which own and control you, changing the ideas and behaviors which are harmful or threatening, and discovering the qualities of freedom and choice.

Connection to others and higher principals is another benefit of recovery.

At what point does an attachment, its practices and solutions require a personal “overhaul” rather than a simple change in behavior or habit?

When we find ourselves stuck in the same rut despite attempts at changing, we probably need to get help and go deeper. Treatment for addiction helps you understand that you’re not alone, demonstrates that alternative ideas and behaviors exist, and most significantly supports your process of detaching from those things that are controlling you.

Needs change. Treatment for addiction and recovery helps you revise your ideas about what you need. You become increasingly capable of selecting those things which have control over you.

Can you change your ideas and behaviors but continue your attachments to people, places, things and sensations?

For a while. Dissatisfaction and frustration is likely to reemerge since people, places, things and sensations are rarely constant and can sometimes prove to be unreliable.

What is the difference between attachment and connection?

 Connections support your progress and development where attachments tend to control and constrain growth.

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