poor-no-insurance-blogMost people can’t afford the well published treatment and rehabilitation programs for drug and alcohol problems without the help of health insurance. Soon that problem may face more of us. Following are some solutions to a reemerging problem:

To get help for drug and alcohol problems, is insurance necessary?

No. Some people get sober by attending community based support groups such as Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous. Counties also offer publicly funded programs, though there are often wait lists to access help for people with low or no incomes. Non-profit and charity programs may also be available in your area for those who qualify due to the lack of financial resources. Call or find on the internet contacts for the Los Angeles County Substance Abuse and Control Department or the Orange County Department of Behavioral Health.

Are there affordable treatment options for people who need to pay for alcohol and/or drug treatment/ rehab out of their own pocket?

Yes. Usually treatment programs which contract with insurance companies, particularly HMO’s have reduced rates for people needing to pay for treatment out of pocket. Rehab programs do NOT have to be expensive to be effective. (A view of the ocean or a horseback ride are not essential features of recovery.)

Programs located close to North Hollywood, West Hollywood, Torrance, Los Alamitos, Orange and Mission Viejo provide no-interest payment planning for self-pay rates as low as $4200.00 for five (5) months of treatment. www.twintowntreatmentcenters.com

Do HMO’s and MediCal cover alcohol and drug rehab?

Yes. Currently under “parity” and the “Affordable Care Act” HMO’s and MediCal are required to provide treatment for alcohol and drug problems. Treatment programs which are contracted with HMO’s and MediCal can verify your level of coverage and let you know if and how much you have a co-payment obligation.

Most HMO’s have a behavioral health department which performs authorization and do not require a referral from your primary care physician.

How do I find an effective and accessible drug and/or alcohol treatment program/ rehab which I can afford?

Avoid internet searches without verifying the integrity of the program. Many “free treatment” postings lead to less than honorable practices. The best way to find a provider is to call the County, your insurance company or a trusted professional for a reliable and trustworthy treatment program/ rehab.

Twin Town Treatment Centers is immediately accessible to all Los Angeles and Orange County residents, is accredited by The Joint Commission, and is certified by the California DHCS. All network HMO/PPO/EPO insurance plans and Medi-Cal contract with Twin Town Treatment Centers to provide drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Our phone is answered by real people. We can see people on the same day you call. (866) 594-8844