Hollywood, Los Angeles, Malibu Drug Rehab – Fame and Glory vs Recovery

Q. When surfing the web for alcohol and drug rehabilitation, why do all of the expensive and distant drug rehabs rank first in any search?

A. Money to advertise and optimize on a national level is best made in expensive, residential drug rehab settings. Often the highest ranked drug rehabs rely upon high, out-of-insurance-network charges, which help pay for extraordinary marketing campaigns and patient acquisition strategies, including paying for referrals.

Q. Is celebrity endorsement and fantasies of luxury and fame important considerations when selecting alcohol and drug rehab?

A. Recovery, especially long-term recovery is attained by learning to “check” your ego, not to defend ingrained feelings of shame and loss with flights into grandiosity. Endorsements from people successful with their recovery are important, especially when you can respect their humility.

Q. Why are so many of the exotic and luxury drug rehabs located in Hollywood, Los Angeles/ LA, and Malibu.

A. Los Angeles/ LA, especially Hollywood and Malibu are easy locations to advertise and acquire patients. Often people burdened with addiction fantasize about escaping their sense of defeat and humiliation with grand and exotic people, places and things. Recovery is actually based in authenticity and humility.

Q. Are all drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers (drug rehabs) in Los Angeles, Hollywood and Malibu based in fantasy and priced out of range of most people in need?

A. No. Los Angeles, just as any community has affordable and accessible drug rehabs which contract with HMO’s and MediCal. Go to the provider directory provided by your insurance carrier to find an affordable and reputable alcohol and drug rehabilitation provider.

Twin Town Treatment Centers is immediately accessible to all Los Angeles and Orange County residents, is accredited by The Joint Commission, and is certified by the California DHCS.
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