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Outpatient Treatment & Recovery Management: Longterm Support and Monitoring of SUD Recovery

Addiction, otherwise known as “Substance Use Disorder” (SUD) is a relapsing, chronic disease which requires lifelong cognitive, behavioral, social and physiological change and maintenance. Outpatient treatment and “recovery management” are designed to prevent addiction related deterioration, morbidity, relapse, and death. Outpatient treatment and recovery management also provide solutions which guide addicted people toward resources designed […]

Building Recovery Skills at Home, Work and School

Without the transfer of recovery skills and support into the home, work and school environments, wreckage, triggers and interpersonal conflicts create a high probability of relapse and the loss of the recovery investment. Outpatient treatment integrates recovery at home in the normal environment. Outpatient treatment provides a path to recovery which is: 100% Take-Home; Organic, […]

Recovery Shouldn’t be Expensive! … Affordable Substance Abuse (Addiction) Treatment

You can pay $60,000 ($60K) per month in Malibu or West Palm Beach, $37K “Out-of-Network” from your insurance, $14K “In-Network” with your insurance coverage, or you can simply pay whatever your deductible and co-payment is for an average of twenty-five substance abuse/ addiction sessions at Twin Town Treatment Centers. Once an average of twenty-five billed […]

Drug and Alcohol Abuse, The Addiction Crisis – SAMHSA

Substance use/misuse and addiction represent a significant and substantial public health challenge. Data from the 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) reveal that an estimated 27.0 million Americans aged 12 or older were currently illicit drug users (defined as using any of the following in the past 30 days: Marijuana/hashish, cocaine/crack, heroin, […]

Family Response to Drug Abuse and the Holidays

If a loved one shows up, ruining family events and holidays under the influence of alcohol or drugs, what should I do? Distinguish the love you have for the person from the frustration you feel about their behavior. Talk openly about the two with your loved one and your family. Talk openly with your family and […]

What does the research say about Intensive Outpatient and Day

Treatment working as well or better than residential treatment for alcohol and drug abuse and addiction: “Treatment on an outpatient basis allows a more valid assessment of environmental, cognitive and emotional antecedents of drinking episodes and drinking urges on the part of the patient, and allows the patient to test new coping strategies while still […]

Substance Use Disorder or Addiction

The words we use to describe alcoholism and drug addiction evolve with social, political and scientific change. Alcoholism and drug addiction have been the subject of huge social scorn and condemnation. People who cannot control their alcohol consumption and others who use other addictive drugs bring tragedy upon not only themselves, but also to their […]

Recovery from Alcoholism and Drug Addiction- What is Recovery?

Ideas and words like “recovery”, “sobriety” and “clean and sober” make sense to people who have crossed the bridge from addiction to recovery, but people still suffering from the effects of the disease may not share that understanding. When a person trapped by their own need to drink or use chemicals arrives at the greater […]