Encouraging and Maintaining Recovery: Simply Turning through a Dark Hallway

The door to the light will be found simply by turning through this dark hallway. Perhaps we’ll wait a while but we will find the door with the help of friends and powers greater than those we possess alone.

Support for Recovery

We are not only together in this, technology allows for international fellowship and unity. With this crisis, people in recovery have found a much larger community if we seek available resources. Following are some:

  1. http://laaaonlinemeetings.org
  2. https://www.thetokenshop.com/Online_AA_Meetings?fbclid
  3. https://www.aa-intergroup.org/directory.php
  4. https://smartrecovery.org/community/
  5. https://www.buddhistrecovery.org/meetingslisting/meetings/Telephone+-+Online.htm
  6. https://www.intherooms.com/home/
  7. https://www.12step.org/social/online-meetings/

If you have additional resources that you would like to publish on Twin Town’s webpage or blogs, please send them to dlisonbee@twintowntreatmentcenters.com.

Help for Addiction

Twin Town Treatment Centers and like programs provide essential and medically necessary addition treatment (SUD) services. We not only help people become more stable and responsible, we help keep people from requiring higher levels of care such as ER’s and hospitals.

Telemedicine addiction treatment services is currently recommended as the treatment platform of choice at this time.

Alcoholics and addicts most desperately need support and connection through this dark and uncertain moment.

These are matters of compassion and community safety.

Twin Town has implemented COVID 19 mitigation telehealth options services to provide lower risk access to help for anyone who qualifies in needing it.

Twin Town maintains HIPAA and 42CFR Part 2 protections despite current waivers. The confidentiality of personal histories is most significant for people with drug and alcohol problems.


LA County Department of Public Health COVID 19 mitigation procedures are closely monitored to protect staff and clientele.

Twin Town (866) 594-8844