Outpatient Addiction Treatment vs Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

When people think of drug rehab, many people imagine live-in facilities that offer expensive round-the-clock care that forces you away from your daily responsibilities. However, there are several other addiction treatment options that will offer you comprehensive care in an outpatient format. If you’re a resident of Mission Viejo or anywhere else in Orange County and you’re seeking drug addiction treatment, it’s important to know which type of addiction treatment is best for you: outpatient addiction treatment or intensive outpatient addiction treatment.

What Are Outpatient Treatment Programs?

Outpatient addiction treatment is a nonresidential treatment service that offers Orange County residents drug addiction treatment administered by addiction professionals clinicians. This treatment is administered through ongoing therapy sessions, both group and individual, that total a few hours a week. Outpatient treatment programs allow patients to receive continual care while working around their work hours, family time, and other obligations. 

What Are Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs?

Intensive outpatient treatment programs are very similar to outpatient treatment programs, but they offer more rigorous treatment and, in some cases, partial hospitalization. Whereas outpatient treatment programs are a few hours a week outside of daily obligations such as a full-time job, intensive outpatient treatment programs are typically upwards of 10 hours per week. They are much more structured courses that require a greater time commitment, but they do allow the patient to live at home full-time. 

Which Drug Addiction Treatment is Right for Me?

Outpatient treatment programs of any kind only work for those who are motivated to get clean themselves. Due to the voluntary nature of outpatient programs, it can be difficult for patients to stay clean if they don’t recognize a problem and display a willingness to commit to turning their lives around. If you do not require a high level of care and you are motivated to remain in treatment, then an outpatient drug addiction treatment program is most suitable. If you require a higher level of care but are still able to function at home, then intensive outpatient treatment is a good option. Intensive outpatient treatments are also ideal for those with a repeated history of relapses or who may be transitioning from a live-in drug rehab facility. 

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