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In-Network HMO, EPO and PPO Covered Addiction Rehab

Working people and their families are often covered by affordable health care coverage offered through managed healthcare plans such as HMO’s (heath management organizations), EPO’s (exclusive provider organizations) and PPO’s (preferred provider organizations). The Affordable Care Act has resulted in healthcare exchanges such as “Covered California” where people can purchase affordable healthcare insurance which is […]

If holiday or vacation drunkenness and drugging gets out of control, is this a sign of a real problem? What are the signs of alcoholism and drug addiction?

Imagine time off from work or other responsibilities such as a holiday or vacation. Is a drink or some form of drug automatically connected with relaxation? Do you anticipate what you will drink, smoke or use? Can you have a good time without getting high using some type of drink, substance or chemical? Reliance on […]

HMO Covered Addiction Treatment

Twin Town Treatment Centers is a preferred and contracted, in-network addiction treatment program working with the members of over fifty HMO, EPO, PPO, EAP and managed care plans.   Question: Do HMO’s and other managed health plans cover treatment for drug addiction and alcoholism?   Answer: Yes! There are two federal laws which require that […]

Shore-Up Trust- The Foundation of Treatment and Recovery

David Lisonbee, CEO, Twin Town Treatment Centers   Though informing prospective patients and their families about prerequisite financial, emotional and time commitments and expenses prior to engaging in a course of treatment may seem inconvenient, counterproductive and potentially self-defeating, alternatives betray trust, which is the essential ingredient of any helpful relationship. To mislead and later […]

People with opioid dependence in recovery show ‘re-regulation’ of reward systems

Within a few months after drug withdrawal, patients in recovery from dependence on prescription pain medications may show signs that the body’s natural reward systems are normalizing, reports a study in the Journal of Addiction Medicine, the official journal of the American Society of Addiction Medicine. The journal is published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, […]

Helping an Addicted Loved One

David Lisonbee, twintowntreatmentcenters.com How do you help arrest a loved one’s decent down the destructive path of alcoholism and addiction? Is this the best time to address these problems? Can you pretend that everything is fine and that everyone is happy? Are you motivated by a benevolent care for your family or is self-defense or […]

Risk of Opioid Overdose, Addiction Outweighs Benefits in Many Cases: Neurologists

By Join Together Staff September 30th, 2014 The risk of death, overdose and addiction from prescription opioids outweighs the benefits in treating headache, chronic low back pain and other non-cancer conditions, according to a new position paper from the American Academy of Neurology. The doctors’ group says research shows that half of patients who take opioids […]

Treatment centers: 12-step and MAT should coexist

The polarization of the treatment field between medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and 12-step drugfree treatment is gradually dissolving, according to experts interviewed by ADAW last week. “The problem is that some people view it as either/or,” said Philip L. Herschman, Ph.D., chief clinical officer of CRC Health Group. “Either it’s MAT and nothing else, or it’s […]

Susan Musetti, MFT accepts Twin Town Clinical Director Position/ Ethical Standards Restated!

Doing the right thing is not easy but it is what we’re about Media coverage of addiction treatment leads the public and some professionals to conclude that service providers will take inappropriate measures to increase revenues. Twin Town distinguishes itself by: • Refusing to accept/ pay referral fees or contract with referral mills (internet websites) […]