5 Significant Benefits of Opioid Addiction Treatment

Opioid addiction is rising at an alarming rate in the United States due to its relatively easy accessibility. Prescription opioid abuse is an especially prevalent problem since it can be given out by most medical professionals to deal with acute pain. When opioids become a part of a substance abuse user’s daily life, it can have harmful effects on their sociability and overall outlook on the world. 

There is no reason not to seek opioid addiction treatment in the face of this terrible disorder. At Twin Town Treatment Centers, we’ve noticed how drug use is growing every year. This isn’t the time to panic – our drug rehab treatment centers provide solace and structure from harsh reality while using evidence-based drug treatment approaches to get people back on their feet. The benefits of opioid addiction treatment are especially powerful, including rewarding baby steps, fostering community and building new skills. 


Structure is one of the key benefits of addiction treatment at Twin Town Treatment Centers. Without it, the whole of the treatment plan falls apart. When we give our patients skills and new ways of solving problems, it empowers them to consistently build these habits over the course of their time in intensive outpatient treatment. The idea behind structure is to have it become second nature – something they don’t even have to think about when assimilating back into their careers and passions. 

Breaking the Cycle of Addiction

The cycle of addiction is one of heartache and anger. If you’re not strong enough to break it yourself, you’ll often find yourself back at square one. 

Addiction does not respond to human willpower, especially when it is compromised by frequent drug use. That is why it is essential to seek drug addiction treatment. Even with our strategies, you might find yourself worrying, “Will this be enough?” 

Most of our former patients agree that when you stick to the program, you will find breaking the cycle of addiction much easier than if you didn’t invest in it at all. 

Encouraging a Safe, Supportive Environment

We cannot stress enough how important a safe, supportive environment is for someone suffering from a substance abuse disorder. This is one of the staples you’ll find within a personalized drug treatment plan at Twin Town. We purposefully choose people in our outpatient rehab programs who are healthy, motivated individuals to demonstrate to the patient that healthy relationships are not codependent, especially when they come from broken families. This makes it easier to reach goals and strive to kick their addiction habit. 

Relapse Prevention

Addiction treatment wouldn’t be so scary without the risk of relapse. These two go hand-in-hand when it comes to drug alcohol treatment. During Twin Town’s opioid addiction treatment program, we do not punish our patients when they relapse – instead, we help them understand why it happened. 

Often, it is because the reward center in the brain is so severely understimulated that being away from the drug, even for a day, can cause severe withdrawal symptoms. Relapse prevention is all about coping with the feelings of temptation and creating healthy replacement habits. 

It Addresses Deeper, Underlying Issues

When patients check themselves into a drug rehab treatment center, there is often more going on under the surface than a substance use problem. Those who turn to drugs during hard times do not have effective or healthy coping strategies for stress and dealing with challenging emotions. 

Twin Town’s addiction specialists go deeper to try and understand what makes this habit so hard to break. Healing often requires our patients to remove unhealthy relationships in their lives to reinforce the concept of healthy boundaries. 

Opioid addiction is a terrible hand to be dealt, but Twin Town does not believe it has to be this way forever. We are a group of ethical and motivated individuals with histories in addiction treatment, and our mission is to offer affordable and personalized treatment options that promote sobriety and healthy living. If you or your loved one is dealing with opioid addiction, please contact us at (866) 594-8844 or by filling out our free contact form. </span