4 Impactful Ways Family Therapy Makes Addiction Treatment More Effective

Going into addiction treatment is hard enough for a person with a substance abuse disorder, but thinking they have to do it alone is a misguided belief. Relationships with the person dealing with a drug addiction may be strained, but they can be repaired. 

One method that stands out in particular is family therapy. By examining family dynamics and understanding the underlying reasons for their loved one’s problem – rather than focusing solely on their symptoms – family therapy helps create concrete steps for positive change and growth during addiction treatment. 

Twin Town helps facilitate healing and breakthroughs by allowing each person to feel their feelings and establish better communication moving forward. Here, we will outline four impactful ways family therapy makes addiction treatment more effective.

Becoming Educated on Addiction

Addiction is a chronic and relapsing mental health disease that affects millions of people across the globe. On an individual basis, everyone suffers its effects differently. It’s important for families to become educated on addiction to better support their affected loved ones. Ignorance only allows the stigmas about mental illness to persist, but family therapy encourages a loved one to accept help from those closest to them. 

Rebuilding Familial Relationships

Rebuilding familial relationships in the midst of drug addiction problems can be difficult, but it is essential. It often takes patience, understanding and allowing the space for everyone to have a voice. 

Twin Town’s family therapy program plays a vital role in helping families move forward by creating a foundation of trust where family members can resolve past conflicts sooner instead of letting them simmer. Ultimately, our goal is to replace drug or alcohol abuse with healthy alternatives, like growing a family garden together or planning a drug-free vacation.

Learning that Actions Have Consequences

It can be hard to accept that tough love is sometimes necessary for a loved one’s own safety. Enabling your family member’s addiction is the last thing you want to do, as this will signal to them that you will “save” them from this life of hardship. 

Stopping the enabling behavior and explaining what consequences will come as a result of continued drug use may be the best way to help them seek healthier methods of support and recovery. The effective combination of support and knowledge given by a professional provider is fundamental in overcoming a drug addiction; it’s possible that with the right resources and insight, individuals can move past their dependence on substances and develop further conflict resolution skills.

Having a Support Network

Having a strong support network of family members who are understanding can be highly beneficial for someone struggling with a substance abuse disorder. Participating in family therapy sessions can help to build communication within the group, which encourages positive change by helping individuals develop strategies to cope with the stress and triggers associated with drug addiction. 

As a part of drug addiction treatment, having a support network can provide invaluable guidance and love while also providing accountability to ensure that recovery is successful.

The journey toward overcoming addiction begins when you work with Twin Town Treatment Centers. Twin Town’s family therapy program and Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program (IOP) offer much-needed structure for families dealing with matters related to drug addiction, helping them to become unified in understanding and implementing a path toward recovery. Through intentional steps and honest communication, we can all learn to accept one another and understand our endless potential beyond substance abuse. If you or your family are set on starting your journey to sobriety today, take the initiative, and give Twin Town a call at (866) 594-8844. Alternatively, you can fill out one of our contact forms