4 Useful Tips for Staying Sober During the Holidays

The holiday season is a time of celebration and typically involves many gatherings with friends, family and coworkers. While the holidays can be a joyous period for many, it can be a precarious time for those recovering from alcohol addiction, as the risk of relapse is high during this part of the year. 

The holiday season presents many triggers that can cause a person to break their sobriety and fall back to their old destructive habits. However, despite these risks, maintaining sobriety while enjoying the season’s festivities is possible and can be achieved by taking the proper steps and measures.  

Always Have a Plan

With the number of gatherings that take place during the holidays, there’s a good chance that you will be invited to a party or two. It’s important to acknowledge that if you feel uncomfortable putting yourself in a situation where your sobriety could be compromised, it’s entirely acceptable to decline to attend the event. However, if you’re confident there won’t be any issues and are willing to go to whatever gathering you’ve been invited to, you should do so with a plan. 

A plan can give you the structure and organization needed to safely navigate your holiday party and the potential triggers you may encounter without breaking your sobriety. Your plan should include details like:

  • What time you’ll arrive at the party
  • What you’ll do if someone offers you alcohol
  • How you’ll navigate triggers that will tempt you to drink
  • What time you’ll leave the party

Recognize Your Triggers

Relapses don’t happen by accident. They’re often the result of triggers that can cause a person to turn to alcohol, even if they’ve been sober for a lengthy period. Before going to a social gathering, identify your triggers and look out for them when you do attend your event. 

Have a plan ready if you encounter a trigger at your party, so you know how to diffuse the situation and avoid breaking your sobriety. Declining the party invitation in advance or leaving an event early are always options if you feel a trigger is too overwhelming and don’t want to risk it.

Attend an Alcohol-Free Event

Staying sober amidst the holiday season is much more manageable among those who don’t consume alcohol or have any interest in it. Consider getting together with your sober companions for a holiday party that doesn’t involve drinking. Whether it’s playing games or partaking in sober activities in Torrance like exchanging gifts, there are many things you can do at an alcohol-free holiday gathering that will make it a fun time for all. 

Have a Sober Party Buddy

It’s easy to feel alone at a holiday event, especially if everyone around you is drinking. You might even be tempted to drink alcohol to try to fit in. Your judgment and decision-making won’t always be perfect, so having a sober friend with you at all times at a party to hold you accountable can help you maintain your sobriety. Don’t be afraid to also tell your sober companion of your triggers before an event to let them know what to look for and when support might be needed. 

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