Therapeutic alliance between the substance abuse treatment/ rehab provider and the person seeking recovery is the basis of effective treatment. Without mutual respect, collaboration and trust, therapeutic outcomes are highly improbable. Research the operative variables of effective substance abuse treatment reveals that it is the therapeutic alliance between the treatment provider and client-patient that is THE essential ingredient. Styles and theories behind therapy, content of counseling and teaching, and models of substance abuse treatment and rehab have little effect beyond the establishing a relationship between the person seeking recovery and the treatment/ rehab provider.

When substance abuse treatment/ rehab providers/ programs are not trustworthy, they are not effective.

“Treatment on an outpatient basis allows a more valid assessment of environmental, cognitive and emotional antecedents of drinking episodes and drinking urges on the part of the patient, and allows the patient to test new coping strategies while still within a supportive counseling relationship. These conditions would be expected to foster greater generalization of learning in treatment to the patient’s natural environment” (Annis, 1986, p. 183).

People receiving outpatient treatment integrate their therapeutic gains immediately into their lives and don’t lose them once an artificial inpatient environment reverts to normative living. Home recovery supports are found, expanded and utilized during outpatient treatment. The transition from active treatment into aftercare is a smooth, unbroken continuum. Recovery is much more likely to be maintained.

Twin Town’s outpatient treatment provides the “take-home” advantage. People seeking recovery at Twin Town practice effective recovery, communication and relationship skills directly at home, at work, at school and at play. They receive therapeutic support and validation from each other, a new “extended family” and counseling staff while they work through early recovery challenges and practices.

Twin Town Outcome Studies

Twin Town called ALL patients (regardless of the form of their discharge) 9 to 12 months after leaving treatment. The outcome for all answered calls resulted in the following results which is clear evidence of effective treatment (N=136 last year, 331 last three years):

  • 71% are abstinent since being discharged (nine months)
  • 95% recommend Twin Town to others
  • 66% continue in mutual support recovery groups (12-Step Recovery, etc.)
  • 45% encounter improvement at work/ with their career




N=136 yr2016, 331 yrs 2014-17

Twin Town Treatment Centers is immediately accessible to all Los Angeles and Orange County residents, is accredited by The Joint Commission, and is certified by the California DHCS. All network HMO/PPO/EPO insurance plans and Medi-Cal contract with Twin Town Treatment Centers to provide drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Our phone is answered by real people. We can see people on the same day you call. (866) 594-8844