City of Hollywood in Los Angeles, California

West Hollywood, A Study of Cannabis, Methamphetamine and Recovery

As a study of excess and recovery, West Hollywood was, is and will remain a party city with a burgeoning community of recovering addicts and alcoholics. Most retail blocks host more than one bar and cannabis retailer. The “cannabis lounge” has become the new venue promoting the City’s attempts at death-defying partying. Alcohol and cannabis sales is a signficant source of revenue for a more-than-generous city government and infrastructure.

Drug addiction treatment is offered through the City’s roster of drug addiction treatment programs. The drug rehab profession has become an important safety net as alcohol, methampetamine and cannabis sales skyrocket.

You may ask how do drug and alcohol sales, drug rehab and recovery exist in the same community. For the most part, cannabis retailers have respected and avoided locating too near a treatment or recovery center. The airborne THC contaminants and psychological triggers their products create for those seeking or maintaining recovery would impair their chances at success- a public health concern indeed.

FYI In California, lethal overdose from methamphetamine is more pronounced than from fentanyl or any other class of opioid.

Twin Town Treatment Center, West Hollywood provides a no-cost UCLA, SAMHSA supported demonstration treatment of stimulant use disorder referred to as “TRUST”. The goal of the stimulant addiction treatment program is to create drug addiction treatment best-practices. Information may be accessed at

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