Traveling or Recovering- A Geographic Cure?


There exist many reasons why some people think that drug rehab requires travel, time away from home, at a significant financial burden.

Most reasons involve money for the residential rehab and a belief in geographic cures.

Much more revenue is created in the drug rehab industry when twenty-four-hour room, board and care are provided whether they are medically indicated or not. If you were to look for published evidence that a substance use disorder requires lengthy inpatient stays to create positive outcomes, you would need to overlook the body of research which sites favorable outcomes for outpatient treatment over the costly residential option.

Desperate families are vulnerable to telephone call-center tactics playing on their worst fears and desires for a cure. If the solution takes the problem elsewhere, that is even better. “Return my family member when they are fixed …”

No matter where I travel, there I am. The problem seems to follow me.

Leaving the chaos and wreckage created through addiction temporarily diminishes their impact… things seem better for a while. Then the wreckage catches up. Finally, you turn around and face it.

Outpatient treatment provides sober support and professional guidance while you face the wreckage of alcoholism and addiction- a time it’s most needed. Problems often pile higher, especially financial obligations, while away at a residential treatment center. Returning is more difficult and treatment support is often left behind. Relapse upon returning home after residential treatment is not uncommon.

Managing alcoholism and addiction… “taking a trip, not taking a trip” … “checking into health farms and sanitariums”.

Attempts at minimizing the impact of alcoholism and addiction are as old as mankind. Whether attempting to manage alcohol and drug intake or traveling across county “for the cure”, we often use unwise and sometime desperate measures to resolve addictive behaviors and consequences… which must eventually be resolved at home, with loved ones.

Have you ever taken a call from frightened small-town, youth stuck in Orange County or Los Angeles after being booted from a drug rehab, alcohol treatment center or residential treatment?

Where ever these kids find themselves stranded… Sherman Oaks, Hollywood, Torrance, Long Beach, Anaheim or Laguna Beach are scary places to find yourself deserted, especially if you’re from Small Town America.

If the residential treatment center doesn’t get paid, if the insurance company finds inadequate medical necessity to pay for residential treatment, or if the kid fowls up and gets booted, these kids find themselves on the street in unfamiliar and dangerous territory.

Outpatient treatment is effective, covered by MediCal and HMO insurance, and helps integrate recovery organically at home.

For people returning home from residential treatment, alcohol treatment center or drug rehab, outpatient treatment aids with translating their inpatient gains into real life. The support of the outpatient treatment staff and peer group provide an initial support network to face alcoholic/ addict wreckage, damaged relationships and challenges of making a living sober.

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