Sober in the World and Leather Soles

To protect your feet, is it easier to wear shoes or to cover the earth in leather?

Alcoholics and addicts need relief from pain and pleasure. Without assistance, their brains don’t seem to sense relief and pleasure easily. Drinking and drug use has been their solution for discomfort and the pursuit of pleasure.

Recovery is an “inside job”. It is impossible to arrange people, places and things to promote serenity, find relief from discomfort, and pursue pleasure. Sober people instead change the way they think and behave to create a world that promotes their personal recovery.

“Why do people get sober?” and “how do they stay in recovery”?

 Recovery is refuge from the chaos and consequences of alcohol and drug use gone wrong. Common problems of alcohol and drug abuse include:

  • Disengagement from productive activities and relationships
  • Inability to follow-through on commitments
  • Isolating from others; refusing help and support
  • Losing control over impulses and emotional reactions
  • Distorting the truth; concealing drug and alcohol use; minimizing and denying the effects of substance use; denying the effects; lying.

Rather than relying on external motivators such as the demands made by work, home, and the law, recovery is based on pursuing a better life, seeking quality and purpose, and behaving according to higher principals.

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