Recovery and Gratitude in Los Angeles and Orange County!

life-is-good-blog-imageQ. What does gratitude have to do with recovery?

A. Addicts and alcoholics who are able to achieve recovery not only experience relief from the traumatic consequences of their substance abuse, they often use gratitude as a means toward maintaining their recovery. Remembering what it was like, what happened and being grateful toward what’s it is like now strengthens commitment and motivation toward recovery.

Q. Why do so many alcoholics and addicts in Los Angeles and Orange County engage in recovery?

A. Recovery has become a “badge of honor” in Los Angeles and Orange County communities. People who need help getting “clean and sober” are easily able to access many varieties and types of treatment and/or support. In Los Angeles and Orange County, there are more twelve step meetings and other mutual support groups for drug and alcohol recovery than perhaps anywhere else on the planet.

Q. What does it feel like to achieve recovery from alcoholism or addiction?

A. Relief that you don’t need to worry about consequences and mounting problems is often the first discovery people in early recovery encounter. Awakening to a fresh new world of color and warmth is different from the days when waking up meant facing the problems and hangovers you created the night before. The need to repetitively seek out chemicals for pleasure or relief is replaced by a larger life and broadened interests and activities.
Q. What are changes caused by recovery from addiction or alcoholism?

A. Relationships with others such as family members and loved ones improve once drugs and/or alcohol are no longer a priority. Work, school and recreational activities become enjoyable and challenging again. Personal effectiveness, self-esteem and performance improve. Emotions and moods slowly become more stable and moderate. Physical and psychological health and wellbeing return.

Q. The term “grateful alcoholic/ addict” is often used in Los Angeles and Orange County recovering communities. How could anyone possibly be grateful for being a recovering alcoholic or addict?

A. Once you have fought a war and survived, you are grateful for your life as never before. When you have finished an intense and frightening learning experience, you find that you have skills built skills and insights that you wouldn’t have otherwise obtained. There exists a great advantage to encounter problems, learn from them, learn the skills to overcome them, and then share them with others who are needing the same type of help you needed. You have something finally to “pass forward”.

Q. How does the gratitude from recovery change your self-esteem and personal effectiveness?

A. In recovery we learn about building personal self-esteem and that of others. What is learned is “to build self-esteem, practice estimable acts”.

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