Recognizing the Signs of Substance Abuse at Work

Working with someone you suspect may be suffering from substance abuse issues can be a stressful experience. Any relationship with a co-worker with addiction can negatively affect the workplace environment and spur emotional distress for everyone involved, which is why it’s necessary to recognize the signs of substance abuse while you’re at work. Once you can determine if someone is suffering from substance abuse disorder, you can guide them toward an appropriate drug alcohol treatment

Signs of Substance Abuse At Work

Various signs and behaviors indicate substance addiction in a coworker; work performance is one of the more apparent indicators you must keep an eye on. Someone who is suffering from substance abuse will display these changes in work performance:

  • Negative shift in attitude and drop in morale regarding work and employer
  • Being prone to mistakes in their work
  • Frequently calling out of work on Mondays and Fridays
  • Increase in complaints about work that they didn’t have before

Physical Signs of Substance Abuse

With substance abuse disorder, a person will begin to exhibit physical signs of the disease. Some signs will be subtle, while others are more obvious:  

  • Needle marks on their arm
  • Sudden negative change in appearance and poor hygiene 
  • Bloodshot eyes or unusual pupils
  • Sudden downward shift in health
  • Frequent coughing, sniffling, or runny nose
  • Constant bouts of illnesses like colds 

Changes to Personality

Along with physical changes, there will also be sudden personality shifts with a person experiencing substance abuse. You should be on the lookout for these personality changes:

  • Increase in irritation and anger
  • Deterioration of current relationships with family, friends, and colleagues; forming relationships with new individuals and strangers
  • Secretive behavior and desire for more privacy about what they do and their whereabouts
  • Change in their habits and exhibiting uncharacteristic behaviors

If you recognize the signs of substance abuse with someone you know at work, make sure they get the help they need. At Twin Town Treatment Centers, we support those suffering from substance abuse disorder who need addiction treatment. Those addicted to a substance require immense support and guidance, which can be found at our five drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers throughout Orange County and the Los Angeles metropolitan area, including West Hollywood and surrounding neighborhoods. Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers help those recovering from addiction by providing individualized outpatient programs and drug addiction treatments. Get in touch today by calling us at (866) 594-8844 or filling out our online form to get started. Our team of drug and alcohol treatment professionals will provide you with a no-cost interview and assessment for alcohol and drug issues.