Orange County Drug and Alcohol Rehab- Business or Healthcare Service?

twin-town-money-pills-featured-imageQ. Does Orange County have affordable, accessible and reputable drug rehab options?

A. It is recommended that you seek a referral from your healthcare provider(s), another professional or your healthcare insurance plan. Many treatment options are available but there exist many seductive sales tactics which mislead people toward high cost and questionable drug and alcohol rehabilitation businesses. Professionals and insurance companies are reliable sources for quality, reputable alcohol and drug rehabilitation providers.

Q. What are some of the problems people encounter if they find themselves at a less-than-reputable Orange County drug and alcohol rehab?

A. Sometimes drug and alcohol rehabilitation businesses will represent that they “accept” or “take” your insurance coverage but later clients and families discover that only a fraction of the cost was actually covered. They subsequently face enormous and avoidable debt. Out of network providers may also recommend tests and services which are not necessary or proven helpful towards achieving recovery.

Q. Why does Orange County, California rank second in the country for disreputable or unethical drug rehab business practices (after South Florida)?

A. Much investor attention was created by the insurance mandates to cover drug and alcohol rehabilitation brought by the affordable care act and “Parity” legislation. The capacity to advertise, optimize and compete on a national level is best made in expensive, residential or “Florida Model” drug rehab settings. Often the highest ranked drug rehabs rely upon high, out-of-insurance-network charges, which help pay for extraordinary marketing campaigns and patient acquisition strategies, including paying for referrals.

Q. Do celebrity endorsement and fantasies of luxury and fame influence people to select expensive, out-of-network drug rehabs?

A. Long-term recovery is usually attained by placing sobriety first, even before looking good or feeling pampered. Feelings of loss and shame from substance abuse and alcoholism are best met with learning new skills and coping strategies rather than covering them over with illusions of grandeur…

Q. Are celebrity testimonials accurate representations of alcohol and drug rehabilitation effectiveness and quality?

A. Endorsements from people successful with their recovery are important, especially when you can respect their sobriety and changes in lifestyle.

Q. Do all drug rehabs place profit above their effectiveness to assist clients achieve recovery?

A. No. Orange County has many reputable, accessible and affordable alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs available. Those which are most accountable and affordable contract with HMO’s and MediCal. Ask your insurance company or a professional for a referral for alcohol and drug rehabilitation.

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