Group Therapy vs. Family Therapy: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to recovery programs, there are different forms of therapy that occur with groups of people participating at the same time. Some examples of these are group therapy and family therapy. While the two forms of therapy share some similarities, they also have their own distinct characteristics and approaches.

Family Therapy

Family therapy involves the person struggling with addiction and their family. This type of therapy is usually used to treat addiction. This is because addiction is something that affects both the addicted individual and their family. Family therapy is seen as an effective addiction treatment because it addresses the issue as a whole. With family being there, there’s a personal nature that can help unearth truths that give a better understanding of the addicted individual and all involved. The process can result in healing and development for all of the parties that participate. 

Group Therapy 

Group therapy involves numerous strangers with no familial connection to one another. They are usually individuals receiving treatment from the same facility. This treatment is effective because there is no familiarity amongst the involved parties and everybody is driven to develop listening and communication skills in this setting. There’s a bond that is also formed from this new support system by sharing experiences of addiction and time together. 


Both group and family therapy can be beneficial for a person in recovery by helping them realize things about themselves and others around them. Both forms of therapy encourage speaking out and can help a person develop new bonds or strengthen existing ones. Twin Town Treatment Centers offers similar programs such as these that are meant to guide a person through their path of recovery. Our day treatment and intensive outpatient programs are effective, practical, and affordable, which are scheduled to fit your unique circumstances.

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