Freedom from Want for Christmas


For Christmas, I want to be freed from my wants.

Rather than fantasizing about and striving for things and events which bring pleasure and relieve discomfort, in recovery we act to give, rather than to receive. Our motives shift from feeding an appetite toward higher purposes and being one with others.

Recovery grants fulfillment, not by giving you all of the things you want, but by diminishing your unreasonable drives and appetites.

Addiction firmly establishes a physical, emotional and mental attachment to people, places and things. Finding and maintaining the object of our desire becomes a demand- we are slaves to our own hungers and habits. Our focus and activity narrow to accessing a few sources of satisfaction.

We abandon many of the people and activities which once broadened our experience and interests. As variety in life shrinks, our need for satisfaction from a few things grows.

How do my wants change in sobriety?

Attempting to satisfy our hunger for satisfaction and relief from discomfort, we use faulty solutions even harder. Our actions briefly satisfy a hunger that grows stronger as it is fed. We feed the wolf that harms, rather than the wolf that serves us and our loved-ones.

If we are fortunate, we find a moment to abandon this pattern of feeding the raging fire and turn to better direction and purpose. At this point of change, we feel a great deal of anxiety and craving. Support and connection with others help us during this shift. Slowly we become grateful for supportive others and for the opportunity to change.

Eventually the freedom to choose and to change creates new found peace and satisfaction. Our primary sense of purpose and meaning changes from self-satisfaction to generosity and integrity.

How can I relieve discomfort or achieve pleasure? What will satisfy my needs?

Treatment for addiction help to reconsider our motives and objects of desire. We try new behaviors which strive for longer term goals rather than immediate satisfaction. Tolerating hunger is assisted by sharing with, helping, and connecting with others.

Recovery is the process detaching from things which own and control you. Changing the ideas and behaviors which create dependency on people, places and things allow us to discover the qualities of freedom and choice.

Connection to others and higher principals replace alcohol and drugs.

“Attachment” or dependency on things such as drugs and alcohol can be replaced by connection to others, gratitude and generosity.

When you find yourself stuck in the snow, it’s easy to spin your wheels harder. Deeper in the rut you find yourself. Treatment for addiction gives you the tug to move ahead and build momentum to get away from your traps. Detaching from those things that are controlling you needs to be replaced by recovery sustaining practices.

Treatment for addiction and recovery boosts you out of your ruts and sets you on a path away from dependency and toward freedom and choice.

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