Alcohol and Drug Use Escalates Death and Disability to Highest Point

Alcohol and Drug Use Escalates Death and Disability to Highest Point

Fentanyl in a Fake Prescription Pill

The DEA has issued a Public Safety Alert warning the public of fake “prescription” pills which contain potentially lethal doses of fentanyl and methamphetamine.

The DEA’s Public Safety Alert, the first in six years, seeks to raise public awareness of a significant nationwide surge in counterfeit pills that are mass-produced by criminal drug networks in labs, deceptively marketed as legitimate prescription pills, and are killing unsuspecting Americans at an unprecedented rate.

Overdose Spike

In 2020, drug overdose deaths rose by 29.4%. 93,331 people died from overdose and 69,710 of those deaths were related to opioids, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. African American and Hispanic populations were hit harder than White and Asian communities.

Approximately 21 million Americans have substance use disorders but only 10% of them access drug or alcohol addiction treatment or rehab. 50% of those with substance use disorders also have a co-occuring mental health condition such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, schizophrenia, etc.

15 million Americans have alcohol addiction but only 7% receive treatment.

Starting or increasing alcohol and/or drug use to attept to cope with stress or other emotions related to COVID-19 was reported by 13% of Americans. The pandemic disrupted accessibility to addiction treatment and recovery support.

Treatment and recovery from alcohol or drug addiction was also complicated by increased anxiety and social isolation.

Stimulants Kill More Californians than Does Fentanyl or Other Opioids

No-Cost Pilot Treatment for Stimulant Addiction

Twin Town Treatment Center, West Hollywood provides a no-cost UCLA, SAMHSA supported demonstration treatment of stimulant use disorder referred to as “TRUST”. The goal of the stimulant addiction treatment program is to create drug addiction treatment best-practices. Information may be accessed at

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