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Serene Center and Twin Town Treatment Centers form alliance for Alternative Sentencing

Alternative sentencing is an effective method of diverting criminal violators who suffer from alcohol and drug dependence into programs designed for the rehabilitation and treatment of the alcoholic/addict instead of being interned in jail or prison settings. In California, a judge can issue a suspended sentence or defer adjudication and order the defendant to meet certain conditions such as completing an alcohol and drug treatment alternative sentencing program.

Serene Center and Twin Town Treatment Centers have worked together to create a specific program for defendants that would benefit from intensive outpatient treatment while residing in a highly structured and monitored living environment. This program is suitable for non-violent offenders that want assistance with their substance use disorder and are entirely willing to engage in the treatment process.

The alternative sentencing program includes a minimum of five months enrollment at the Twin Town Treatment Centers intensive outpatient program combined with Serene Center’s elevated sober living level of service which includes case management, mandatory drug testing every three days, medication monitoring, and brief intervention services.  Some of the costs associated with the program may be offset with health insurance.

ABOUT Serene Center Long Beach:   Serene Center Long Beach uniquely bridges the gap between primary treatment and customary sober living with a specialized 36 bed men’s transitional sober living home for alcoholics and addicts in early recovery.  We help people transition themselves to a better quality of life through certified therapy, education, and balanced center living guidance.

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ABOUT Twin Town Treatment Centers:  Twin Town operates five freestanding outpatient treatment centers in Los Angeles and Orange County. The outpatient treatment centers are certified by the State of California and JCAHO accredited. Twin Town has a portfolio of over fifty third-party payer agreements and its payer mix is eighty-five percent HMO/ managed care. Through Twin Town’s Intensive Outpatient Treatment Services, clients are being successfully treated and most major insurance carriers and health maintenance organizations are paying the bill.