3 Questions That Determine If You Have an Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism is a complex addiction that can be difficult to diagnose. Its complexity comes from the fact that it encompasses more than just frequent drinking and extends to a person’s behavior as well. Not all forms of alcoholism are obvious. In fact, in many cases, a person may not even be aware that they suffer from an addiction. If you suspect that you may suffer from alcohol addiction but are unsure about it, ask yourself these three questions. 

Has Your Alcohol Tolerance Increased?

Increased tolerance of alcohol is a sign that a person may be suffering from addiction. The more a person drinks, the more their body becomes used to it and adjusts accordingly. This means that more drinks are required to produce effects that normally would come much earlier to a less-tolerant individual. Increased alcohol tolerance is an issue because it is usually accompanied by a rise in consumption as well. Both serve as indicators that a person is experiencing alcohol addiction.

Have You Had Any Negative Consequences Because of Alcohol?

A person is likely to be suffering from an alcohol addiction if their excessive drinking is leading to negative consequences for themselves and those around them. These consequences can include: 

  • Worsening mental health 
  • Increased anger issues 
  • Deterioration of close relationships
  • Frequent accidents behind the wheel

If a person’s response to these consequences is to continue drinking, this signals that alcohol has become the most important part of their life and that they prioritize it over everything else.  

Are You Having Trouble Quitting or Reducing Your Alcohol Consumption on Your Own?

A person who hasn’t yet developed a dependency on alcohol will have a much easier time decreasing their alcohol consumption. On the other hand, those who have trouble cutting back on how much they drink are likely to have become dependent on alcohol. Alcohol-dependent individuals will go through withdrawal symptoms when they attempt to stop drinking. Symptoms like anxiety, stomach pain, and fevers are all things a person can experience during a period of alcohol withdrawal. The severity of the symptoms is why attempting to quit alcohol consumption without proper alcohol addiction treatment is considered dangerous.

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